What Found Money Charity Does With Donations

how it works

Our Philosophy of Transparency

We understand that people who donate to charities want to be sure that their money is going to a good cause. We believe that the way to provide that assurance is to be transparent. 

Donations will only be used to support our target charitable causes, or to pay Found Money Charity’s expenses. Found Money Charity does not pay any salaries and does not pay any rent. Its current expenses are limited to incorporation fees, 501(c)(3) application fee, directors and officers insurance, web hosting fees, and postage. Because its expenses are kept to a minimum, Found Money Charity will always use at least ninety (90%) of all donations to directly support its target charities. 

For each donation we receive, if the donor provides us with their email address, we will email them and tell them what target charity or charities received their donation.

If anyone considering making a donation has any questions regarding our charitable mission, the charities we support, our expenses or any other aspect of our charity, please email us at Haley@foundmoneycharity.com.

Staying in Touch

​Found Money Charity uses information available online to identify people, businesses, and other organizations that have unclaimed money waiting for them to collect in any of the fifty states. Through postal mail, email or telephone calls, we contact those people, businesses and organizations to let them know that they have funds available to them that are being held by one or more states. When we notify people, we also tell them about our charitable mission and ask them to, if they collect the funds, consider donating all or a portion of those funds to Found Money Charity.

Found Money Charity

Our charity - like many organizations - relies on information. We would really appreciate hearing from you. Even if you do not make a donation, we would like to know if you recovered your unclaimed funds - and what you chose to do with them. If you appreciate us having contacted and you, we would love to hear from you and be able to share your note on our website. If you make a donation, we would like you to email us at Haley@foundmoneycharity.com so that we can share with you exactly how we used your donation to support very worthy causes.​

When people or organizations donate a portion of their “found money” to Found Money Charity, we use virtually all of that money to support worthy causes. The three entities we support are well-regarded nonprofits that have a track record of helping others. More information about each of those three nonprofits can be found 

Found Money Charity pays no salaries and has very low expenses.  As a result, a very high percentage (never less than 90%) of any donations we receive will be used to directly support The Jimmy Fund (Dana Farber), Cradles to Crayons or the Brookline Literacy Partnership.